Learning German using non conventional ways

The fun and free way of Learning the German Language

We all know how hard it is to learn German, so we compiled a list of fun, creative and non conventional ways to learn the German Language.

Ruhezeit or Quiet time in Germany

The German quiet time (Ruhezeit)

Are your neighbours complaining about loud noise, here you will find all details about what Ruhezeit or quiet time in Germany is

Schufa Score in Germany

What is Schufa Score and why is it so important

Everything you need to know about what Schufa Score is and why it is so important and where you can get your Schufa Score for free

Radio Bill in Germany

The TV Tax(Rundfunkbeitrag) should I pay it?

Everything you need to know about the TV Tax or Rundfunkbeitrag in Germany. How to Deregister or how to raise exception if your roommate is paying it already.

Getting rid of loose coins in Germany

How to get rid of your loose coins in Germany

How to exchange all your loose coins in Germany. Where can I exchange them for free.