Are you tired of not being able to Learn German even after considerable effort? do not worry you are not alone. German is really a very hard language and it takes time to learn and speak.

If you are trying to learn German I am sure you have already tried learning through a tutor or installing apps like Duolingo or watching movies. In the article, I would want to list some non-conventional ways of learning the German Language.

Children Story Books

One of the first things suggested when learning the German Language is to read books, but what’s the point of reading when you do not understand anything. So why not read books that are colourful, has easy language and really fun. Children’s storybooks are a great way to start learning German. The below website has few free ebooks to start with. Try a quick google search and you would find a lot more. Whether you like dogs, cats or pigs there is a children’s book for everyone.

Browser Plugin that randomly translates some words

If you already spend a ton of time on the internet how cool it would be to learn German at the same time. Of course, you can read German blogs or websites but it’s not fun if you have to translate every single word.

These cool browser plugin Flewent or Kypsis can randomly translate some of the words to German. Since you already know the context you can understand the sentence even without translating it. You can also gradually increase the percentage of text to be translated. If you did not like both of the plugins, you can search for language immersion and you should find more similar tools.

Flash Cards

One of the most tried and tested methods of learning the basics of the German Language is using the Flashcard approach. The flashcard approach is where you are shown a word or phrase every day and you have to confirm if you know it, if you do not know the word or phrase it is shown until you memorise it

There a lot of apps for German Flashcards most of them are paid. One of the best flashcards apps I have tried to date is The app is available for both ios and android. After installing the app you can add shared decks. There are a lot of free decks for Learning German (in fact for learning anything) some of them that I personally like are below ones

Dual Subtitles in Netflix/Youtube

Everyone agrees that learning through videos is the fastest way to learn the language. Often times when you watch videos with German audio, you do not understand the German word and if you turn on German Subtitles you do not know what it means. For situations like this, someone developed an awesome chrome extension called Two Captions.

The plugin can show you English and German Subtitles at the same time and saved me personally so many hours trying to switch between the subtitles.

Passive Learning through Social Media

Whether you admit it or not we all are guilty of using social media more than we should. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube or Reddit. When we know we can’t stop using it why not make the best use of it by following some German pages too. Sure you are not going to understand the content but passively you would pick up a few sentences and words every now and then and with time without realising you would passively start learning the German Language. Don’t go so overboard with the idea that your feed shows only Germany Content, this would demotivate you from using the apps and would be counter productive.

Learning from the Cooking Blogs

This is one of my personal favourites, learning from Cooking Blogs. The language in cooking websites is relatively easy and the best part I can get to cook something interesting every day.
There are a lot of cooking blogs but my personal favourite is

Watching Videos

One of the most suggested yet it never worked for me. Sure I tried watching German Videos with English subtitles but it was not easy as I could hardly make out the words.

While searching for some German content, I came across this amazing Youtube channel that has all of its content with both German and English subtitles together. One of the best finds on youtube.

Easy German

German Subreddits

If you have a need there is a subreddit for it. Below I compiled a list of some fun subreddits.

If you love memes like me but find it hard to manually type and translate I talked about an awesome app in the article “Your life in Germany will not be the same after using these two apps


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