If you recently moved to Germany you would have noticed how ghostly quiet it becomes on Sundays and on public holidays. It is not just because the shops are closed and people are not working but it is legally required for everyone not to make excessive noise.

What is Ruhezeit or the quiet time?

We all want to be able to rest at home. But sometimes it’s impossible to avoid noise such as building work or construction noise.

To ensure that everyone can have quiet resting period the Ruhezeiten or rest periods exist in Germany

When are the quiet times?

  • The entire day on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • Working days it is usually between 10 pm and 6 am but this also depends on the local state or municipality rules.
  • Your landlord or apartment can also have their own rules on Ruhezeit specified as part of the Hausordnung

What should I not do during the Ruhezeit?

Do not

  • Do loud jobs, like hammering or drilling
  • Play loud music
  • Loud Gatherings
  • Run loud appliances like vacuum cleaners
  • Drop your glass recycling off at the bottle bank
  • Hold a party outside of your property if it might disturb others
  • Or do anything else that can disturb your neighbor’s

My neighbors make a lot of noise during the Ruhezeit what can I do?

  • Talk to your neighbors or consider leaving a note at their door
  • Complain to the building management Hausverwaltung
  • If the neighbors still continue you can contact your local Ordnungsamt

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