Did you receive an invoice for 52.5€ from Rundfunk ARD, ZDF und Deutschlandradio which translates to TV tax that you are asked to pay even when you do not own a TV yet? Welcome to Germany and brace yourself as this is not a one-off payment but rather a monthly thing.

How much is it?

17.5€ per month.

Should I pay it?

Short answer Yes. Its 17.5€ per household, so it does not matter if you are living alone or staying with 15 other people.

Is there a discount?

If you belong to any of the below categories then yes

  • Students and trainees (Azubis)
  • Hartz IV recipients
  • Retirees who receive social assistance
  • People with disabilities – the fee is reduced to 5.83€/month for those with RF in their disabled person’s pass
  • Residents of nursing homes
  • Asylum seekers

What would happen if I do not pay?

Unless you want to have legal action against you from Beitragsservice do not even think about it. Also not paying the invoices in Germany can affect your Schufa Score.

My roommate is already paying, how should I inform them?

You can inform them by filling this form.

I am leaving Germany how do I deregister it?

You can inform GEZ by filling this form.

I do not like Rundfunkbeitrag how can I protest against it?

Here are some resources


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