If you moved to Germany recently one of the biggest pain points is to Chat with others in German, whether it be your Landlord, friend or someone you are buying stuff from the internet.

I was relying heavily on Google Translate to copy-paste first my message to translate and then copy-pasting the response to translate. It takes forever and it was annoying as hell.

Even more frustrating is to use an app or website that does not have english translation.

I researched to find a solution out of pure laziness but was surprised to actually find a solution for my problem. Below are the two awesome apps that I cannot live without at the moment.

Google Keyboard – Translate Feature

This one is my favourite, I had Google Keyboard on my android phone for more than 7 years and never knew this feature existed.

Google Keyboard is the default keyboard in most android mobiles, even if you do not have the keyboard you can download and install it from the below links

Google Keyboard - Translate English to German

After installing and setting it as your default keyboard you can click on the … dots on top to show more options

Google Keyboard - Translate English to German

Once you see more options click the Translate button

Google Keyboard - Translate English to German

After selecting the translate you can select From English to German once and Bam! you can start typing in english and it would automatically translate to German.

The best part is that the Google Keyboard is free and I use it almost every day for chatting.

Convert any German Text on Screen to English

Sometimes it’s so annoying to manually copy text or chat and convert them into English, also some of the apps do not allow you to copy text or does not have an English translation options.

To avoid manually translating each text I use an app called Screen Translate. The one I use is below ( I paid for the app but the free version is equally good but with ads). You can also do a google search and you should find similar apps (Unfortunately I did not find a similar app for ios)

Bubble Screen Translate

Once you install and configure the app, you will see a floating button on-screen, clicking on the button would translate all German text on the screen to English.

Screen Translate - German to English
Before Translation
Screen Translate - German to English
After Translation

Since the app relies more on image recognition rather than text, it does not matter if the German text is on an image, inside an app or a comic book.

I love memes and my favourite past time is looking at memes on subreddit /r/ich_iel. So the screen translator app saves me a lot of hours in manually typing and translating the German text.

If you are a Reddit lover like me, I also have listed other fun subreddits in the article “How to learn German in a fun way


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